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Gustaf Anders Rooth

OUR MASTER CRAFTSMAN. An avid painter, sculptor, chef, and designer, Gustaf Rooth is truly a modern day Renaissance Man. A native of Sweden, Rooth earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the University of Malmoe. There, he trained as a master craftsman while studying woodworking, manufacturing, metal fabrication, welding and business.

Rooth developed his talent, refined his design skills, and fed his passion for the arts with extensive travel throughout the world, with stops in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, and Morocco. Immersing himself in each city’s culture, Rooth cultivated a rich understanding of art and design. After earning a master’s degree in Furniture Design and Industrial Manufacturing, Rooth settled in San Diego where he established his artisan design studio, Planet Rooth Design Haus. Barrelly Made It furniture is the first commercialized branded product line from Planet Rooth Studios.


We make our signature bourbon and wine barrel chairs and furniture out of wine barrels, but where do they come from? Napa, Sonoma, France, Spain…? Wineries use different cooperages for their wines for many reason. The flavors they impart, the craftsmanship of the barrel itself and cost are just a few of the factors. We get a steady stream of all sorts of barrels here and we thought it would be a great idea to offer up some information on these companies, a bit of their history, their locations and any other tidbits of information we come across.

One of these cooperage’s that we use for our wine barrel chairs and custom furniture is Seguin Moreau. Sequin Moreau began life as separate companies, Seguin (1870) and Moreau (1838). These companies would join forces in 1872 under the auspices of and to make barrels for Remy Martin, the Cognac producer. Their cooperage, near Bordeaux in the area of Cognac was perfectly situated for barrel distribution to the Cognac makers and those who were creating a cottage industry of their own, wine. Seguin Moreau supplied barrels to the makers of Cognac, and since they were not at full production used the opportunity to start making barrels for the fledgling wineries.

Seguin Moreau barrels are still made in this old world style, by hand and with the dedication of generations past. From their humble beginnings in France, Seguin Moreau now have 3 production facilities worldwide, two seasoning yards and two integrated stave mills (in France and in Missouri). In 1986, due to the increase in demand form California wineries, Sequin Moreau opened in Napa, to be close to the California wine action. In 1996, their cooperage opening and they brought over cooper-smiths from France and Scotland. These cooper-smiths have an impressive 55 years of barrel making behind them and we are thrilled to be able to use such quality barrels in our wine barrel chairs and reclaimed furniture lines.